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* EMSCULPT NEO: 4 Sessions

* EMSCULPT NEO: 4 Sessions

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A series of 4 sessions for EMSCULPT NEO (priced as required by contract w BTL) EMSCULPT NEO sessions build muscle & destroy fat. While the most popular area to treat is the abdomen, buttocks, arms, calves and thighs are also treatable areas for Emsculpt Neo. Treatments are done 5-7 days apart.

HOW IT WORKS: Emsculpt NEO applicators simultaneously emits radiofrequency heat and HIFEM+ energies. The temperature from the RF heating in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, and fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body. Clinical studies showed on average a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.*

Bypassing the brain limitations, HIFEM+ energy contracts the muscle fibers in the area at intensities not achievable voluntarily, increasing muscle fibers and strength. Clinical studies showed on average a 25% muscle volume growth.*

 *This is a pre-purchase package to be redeemed at Emmanuel Skinscience Medspa in West Bloomfield, MI. Treatments are administered by appointment. Final Sale/No refunds after day of purchase. Any unused services can be redeemed for spa credits toward product, services or gift cards at any time. Unused services after 2 years may automatically be transferred into spa credits. Credits do not expire. 

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